James believes he is pointless. But he will discover his truth; what an opportunity for love he is. He will embrace the divine and release the deepest treasures of his soul and help his family unlock their own...


James is a young man with a terminal illness and a family that is falling apart because of it. Apart from trying to deal with his own mortality, James also has to cope with a father who is running away from reality by withdrawing from his son, a mother who is constantly fearful, and a sister who sees more than she should.


When James meets Marcham, a mystical beast who takes him on a series of powerful spiritual journeys, James begins to understand the meaning of life, death, and family.


A magically eloquent story that will open hearts to the power of love and forgiveness.


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29th August 2017 was a pivotal day for "The Point of Me", it reached the No. 1 Bestseller top-spot in its categories in not only the UK but in the USA, Canada and Australia too.


A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who bought a copy and helped me achieve this goal.


It feels like a lovely 'gift' to me when people who have read my book feel moved to write up what they thought. In these busy times, somebody making the effort to write a review is very much appreciated. I've collected some of the most recent here...

“[Rachel] is a talented, exceptional writer who ... makes the reader feel a host of different emotions....eloquent and beautifully descriptive, her [words] floored me and instilled a real sense of wonder. I am in real awe... Her talent is brilliant, and I would not be surprised if this book is widely known one day, it certainly deserves to be! To summarise my thoughts on this charming, brilliant, inspiring novel, I would say,  if you are looking for an emotive read that will stay with you for a long time, then this book is undoubtedly for you. This stunning piece of literature gets 5-stars from me"

The Red Headed Book Lover Blog


"A really lovely book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Extremely descriptive using many words I'd never come across before. A difficult subject very beatifully written with an ending which left me in tears. Well done Rachel. Can't wait for the next one." 

PickyP - Amazon Review


"This is a magical book beautifully and poetically written. Rachel has a wonderful insight into the spiritual and I enjoyed every word (except that I had to look up a few in the dictionary!) It is the story of a teenager with a terminal illness, and his growth along his journey. I would definitely recommend this book."  

Gabrielle - Amazon Review


"A delightfully powerful story of love, truth and acceptance. Rachel Davidson transports you to a potentially painful place, but somehow enlightens you and the characters within, with light and understanding. A difficult to subject, tackled in the most uplifting way!"

S Fricker - Amazon Review


 "An astoundingly powerful book, it made me cry (several times!!)”

Gina Gardiner, International Bestselling Author of “Chariots on Fire”


“This book set my heart alight! A compassionate and spiritual take on the journey of a soul.”

Ruth Bradshaw


“A deeply wise and moving story. It brought me peace.”

Barbara Austin 


“AWESOME!! [Rachel's] writing reminds me of Paulo Coelho as its a beautiful story with powerful messages about real life."

Bronwyn Nash, Life Transformation Coach, Magic Roundabout Coaching 


"What a profound novel. So descriptive and a real find for anyone who is drawn towards spiritual tales."

C Soudet 


"Rachel writes exquisitely. You will be transported immediately to the places, both physical and metaphorical, that the characters inhabit. You will feel yourself drawn in to dream-like, fantastical situations, so much so that this is a book I could read time and time again....[it is] a wonderful insight into the purpose of life on earth... culminating in an emotional and breath-taking finale in the last two chapters. If you are looking for an eloquently written, fast-paced novel, then I would certainly recommend The Point of Me."

Healthy Life Essex



About me

I live on the Essex/Suffolk border with my family. 


I've spent most of my life wanting to be an author; so having procrastinated for years (due to a combination of being pulled into the world of business and a hang-up from my school-days which convinced me that being a writer wasn't a proper job! It was pre-Harry Potter folks!), I have now achieved this dream. 


Writing is a great privilege for me. I hope you enjoy the stories I weave...


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